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The active, friendly Democrats of Sunnyvale, CA  
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The Democratic Club of Sunnyvale is an active and welcoming group that promotes progressive, Democratic values and positions. We provide a welcoming group for those in the Sunnyvale, CA, area to meet and promote Democratic causes. Join us to meet other people in this major Silicon Valley city where you can make the most use of your Democratic ideas and energy!

February Meeting:


At our February Meeting we are honored to host Delaine Eastin, the former State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Delaine has announced that she is running for Governor in 2018.

Delaine was elected twice as schools chief, and served in the statewide position for eight years between 1994 and 2002. Her terms overlapped with the terms of Gov. Pete Wilson, a Republican, and Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat. Eastin is the only woman to have served in the post. She served in the state Assembly for eight years before becoming State Superintendent.

As Superintendent, she was a major proponent of smaller class sizes, and was a force in convincing Gov. Wilson to use a budget surplus in 1996 to help pay for California’s K-3 Class Size Reduction program.

At our meeting Delaine will discuss why she is running for Governor and what California must do regarding education.

Saturday February 18th  * 2 to 4pm  *  Fairbrae Swim Club  *   696 Sheraton Ave. *   Sunnyvale CA


Call or Email:
Sign Kamala Harris’ Petition to Demand an Independent Investigation into Russia’s Involvement in the 2016 Election
Details: Kamala Harris, who is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, has put out a petition asking for an independent investigation into Trump’s involvement with Russia.

Call Kevin Brady to let him know your Thoughts on him Not Requesting Trump’s Tax Returns
Details: Kevin Brady is the Chairman of the Way and Means Committee which can require Trump to release his tax returns. Kevin Brady has recently announced that he will not require Trump to release his tax returns. We are not his constituency but we can certainly call him and tell him how we feel at (202) 225-4901 or mailing:
U.S. Representative Kevin Brady
1011 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Call Paul Ryan to urge him to create an independent investigation into Trump’s involvement with Russia
Details: Anna Eshoo has asked that this week we call Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, to request that he appoint someone to start an investigation into the Trump administration’s ties with Russia. Call (202) 225-0600 or mail:
Office of the Speaker
H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515

Sign Petition demanding an Independent Investigation of the Trump Administration’s Collusion with Russia
Details: This petition is aimed at Jeff Sessions, demanding that he create an impartial investigation. This petition for 200,000 signatures is already over 150,000 signatures so add your name to help.

Rally Outside “A Conversation with US Senator Dianne Feinstein”
Feb 24, 11:30am - 1:30pm at 500 Washington Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, California 94111
Details: The “A Conversation with US Senator Dianne Feinstein” event was announced as a town hall event but it is clearly not. The event features panel-style discussions between Feinstein and 2 invited guests and the hour and a half event only features 10 minutes for audience Q&A. Additionally, it is a ticketed event so attendance is restricted. This rally will occur outside the event to protest the misuse of this so-called town hall event and Feinstein’s continued refusal to have a town hall.
FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/255992008183426/
Event Page: https://www.resistancerecess.com/event/resist-recess/7327/

Rally For Healthcare at Anna Eshoo’s Office
Feb 25, 11am - 1pm at Eshoo’s Office, 698 Emerson St, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Details: During the week of Feb 19 - 25, Congress will be on recess making it the perfect time for us to go and see them and let them hear our voices. Bernie Sanders made a statement urging all to hold rallies nationally to express to our MOC our thoughts on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the ACA. The group will meet at 10:30am at Philz Coffee, 101 Forest Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, before the rally starts.

Feinstein Empty Chair Town Hall
Feb 26, 10am - 12pm at Elmhurst Community Prep, 1800 98th Ave, Oakland, California 94603
Details: In an attempt to make Dianne Feinstein hold a town hall, many constituents create a town hall event and invited her to attend. Recently she has officially announced she will not attend but organizers of the event “want to make a powerful, positive statement that we want to work with her and she ought to be present” so they are inviting you to attend anyways! There will be some speakers and then an open questions and comments time with discussions written down to be sent on to Feinstein.
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/140766766439352/
Event Pages: https://act.moveon.org/event/resist-recess/7417/signup/?akid=&zip=&source=

Why Didn’t They Vote?
Feb 26, 11am - 1pm at Neutra House, 181 Hillview Ave, Los Altos, CA
Details: This is a monthly event where you can “hear from an inspiring, active speaker who will share information about an organization working to make our community and our world a better place” and this month the Speaker is Jean Lythcott, representing League of Women Voters. The Ethical Culture Society presents this event for no charge.
Event Page: https://etrigg.com/event/sunday-spotlight-why-didnt-they-vote/50570673/

In-Person Town Hall with Anna Eshoo
Mar 4, 10am at Campbell Heritage Theatre, West Campbell Avenue, Campbell CA 95008
Details: Anna Eshoo’s first in person town hall event in 2017. This is a very important event to use Indivisible’s approach and engage with our MOC face-to-face.
Event Page: http://eshoo.house.gov/about-anna/events/

General Resources:  
Call To Win
A great resource to quickly and efficiently connect you with your representatives: https://calltowin.org/about.php

Daily Action
Daily Action offers constant updates on things to do (call, email, postcards, etc.) in the moments they matter most. Text DAILY to 228466 to get started or call (844)241-1141 to be connected.

Indivisible Scripts
Indivisible is helping to supply content to call your MOC with. Some people are not as familiar with calling their representatives or they aren’t sure what to say or how to say it and these scripts help to provide a basis for that.

Text (520)200-2223
A person named John Emerson made a tool to give all people access to their representatives. If you text the number your ZIP code, you will receive a text with all your representatives phone numbers. Apparently it does not include Ro Khanna but other than that is it a great tool.

Club Committees

DCS currently has several active committees and task forces:

Affordable Housing Committee: Developing a Club plan for addressing the lack of affordable housing in Sunnyvale and other income equality issues. To join, contact affordablehousingcommittee@sunnyvaledems.org.

Wage Theft Committee: Working on issues related to stopping Wage Theft in our community. To join conact Carol Weiss at carolrlweiss@gmail.com.

Age Friendly Committee : Looking at ways to make Sunnyvale more Age Friendly. To join the committee, contact Nancy Smith at ncsmith@gmail.com

Hospitality Committee: Providing refreshments and other activities for our Club meetings. To support the committee or to volunteer to bring snacks contact Marge Goka at teardropowner@gmail.com.


February 18th Meeting
Delaine Eastin former State Superintendednt of Public Instruction and candidate for governer in 2018.. 

All Meetings (except December)
Third Saturday of the month
2pm to 4pm
Fairbrae Swim Club
696 Sheraton Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA



Sunnyvale City Council
  Congratulations to:  
  Nancy Smith - Seat 6  
  Larry Klein - Seat 4  
  Also, congratulations to Russ Melton and Michael Goldman for successful campaigns.  

CA 17

Congratulations to Ro Khanna our new congressman for U.S. Congressional District 17!

We thank Mike Honda for his years of service in Congress.


AD 24

Congratulations to Marc Berman our new State Assembly Member.

We also congratulate Vicki Veenker for an outstanding campaign.

Measure A - Affordable Housing - PASSED!

Measure B - VTA Transportation Measure - PASSED!


Measure M - Public Lands Act





  Affordable Housing  
  Wage Theft  

Airplane Noise