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The active, friendly Democrats of Sunnyvale, CA  
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Affordable Housing

Sunnyvale Sustainable and Affordable Living Coalition

Our Affordable Housing Committee has joined with other organizations advocating for affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

The Sunnyvale Sustainable and Affordable Living Coalition is a coalition of activist organizations advocating for a better Sunnyvale with a sustainable jobs/housing balance so that everyone  can fully participate in our society.

The Coalition Website is at http://www.livablesunnyvale.org/.

We support:

  • Affordable housing  for a more inclusive society
  • Transportation solutions that protect the environment and reduce traffic
  • Development of mixed-use urban centers

Our Member Organizations

  • Greenbelt Alliance
  • Friends of Caltrain
  • Sunnyvale Cool
  • Sunnyvale Democratic Club – Affordable Housing Committee
  • Transform
  • Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • SV@Home





  Affordable Housing  
  Wage Theft